Professional Broadway and community talent brought together through unforgettable performances and distinguished Conservatory training.

An independent film company currently shooting a comedy/horror film called A Time To Die about a soldier from the future who is teleported to the present day to stop a zombie apocalypse. Movie set to be released summer of 2022. Set being built and scenes shot at COPA.

Audio, Visual and Technical Arts Education & Training

Offers monthly jam session for musicians to work on improvisational skills while performing with veteran jazz players at COPA.

Organize concerts, provide grants to students, and connect with other jazz organizations around the country

Support, advocacy, and networking with local artists

An arts collective that uses street dance among other art forms to bring healing, connection, and skill development through classes, events, and training programs.

Educating, Mentoring & Development of Musical Artists
Educating, Mentoring & Development of Musical Artists

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COPA exists to help community arts participate and observe, because the arts enrich lives. COPA empowers organizations through its facility and foundation, so they can advance their missions, increase enrollments, and expand access.