The mission of Community Organizations Promoting the Arts is to construct a facility that fosters involvement in the arts for youth, adults, and families through performance, education and community outreach.


COPA empowers local organizations to drive a love of the arts to the people who participate and observe by supporting programming for youth and adults.   


COPA is the first of two sister organizations created to enable the fulfillment of the COPA mission. COPA will build a technology-advanced practice-and-performance arts facility, and will provide management for the facility, in Fitchburg, WI.

Friends of COPA

Friends of COPA is the sister organization to COPA Inc. It serves as an endowment-management foundation to provide financial support to organizations that use the facility. The goal of friends of COPA is to keep the facility affordable and accessible to all.



COPA will expand access to the performing arts for youth and adults in underserved areas of Dane County via existing transit lines.



Resident arts organizations and others at COPA will offer educational programming and serve as a resource for the entire community.



COPA will foster collaboration among resident organizations and create innovative partnerships between artists, educators, community organizations and businesses.



Dane County residents will be able to easily access education, exhibits, performances and community events.

benefits of the space

A catalyst project for Fitchburg, in the developing downtown district on existing transit lines, COPA will create opportunities for arts discovery where none exists today. Easily accessible from the West Beltline down Fish Hatchery Rd. The location encompasses over 80% of the Dane County population within a 15-mile radius. COPA will serve youth and adults with a strong emphasis on engaging underserved populations in the surrounding community.

2841 Index Rd.
Fitchburg, WI 53713


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Community Organizations Promoting the Arts empowers community arts organizations and creative professionals by providing space that promotes programming for both youth and adults, so they can collectively advance missions, achieve goals, expand access to critical resources and create—together.